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Graham Taylor's visit to the show

On Saturday,6th November, former Watford and England manager Graham Taylor came to view the pictures on display, having been a regular subject of Terry’s cartoons and familiar with the artist himself. Graham chatted with Terry’s widow and stepdaughter and other visitors at the show and was introduced to the variety of painting styles on display and offered for sale. Like many, he was surprised by the range of Terry’s talent and choice of subject matter, as were other visitors at the Museum. There appeared to be familiar themes in some of the pictures, as Graham identified similarities with a pub scene from Saratt as frequented by former club colleagues and club supporters, depicted in ‘Return of the Vanquished’,a cricketing scene. He returned to his favourite - a painting of “Fishermen at night” – before revisiting those memory-invoking cartoons and caricatures that were ranged alongside the paintings. When discussing the level of interest in Terry’s cartoons, Graham gave his support for a proposed auction of these at a fan-based fund raising event next year, as well as via the website ,to give the “real fans” the opportunity to enjoy and treasure these significant pieces of Watford FC history.Graham left the exhibition with warm wishes for the show's success and a smile on his face from sharing just some of the many humorous anecdotes he has to remember with us from Terry's long career behind and on the terraces at Vicarage Road.

                                                                 Stephen Powell,7th November 2010

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